I write, podcast and contribute to EverythingAction.com with Brian Mayo, Zach Sheets and Joe Zagami.

Broken Crown Games

I work with Tyler Yohe, Chris Kockel, Asa Gillete, and Tony Liu.

I have worked with the following people:
Karl Markis – Game Designer/Audio Engineer/Producer
John Davis –¬†Game Designer/Producer/QA Tester
Greg Back – Game Designer/Programmer/QA Tester
William David John – Game Designer/QA Tester
Emilie Rogers – Game Artist
Daniel P. Rossi – Game Programmer
Patrick Kenney – Graphic Designer
Ben Salerno – Game Artist
Ben Rogers – Game Artist
Bryan O’Hara – Game Designer/QA Tester
Craig Ellsworth – Game Designer/QA Tester
Keith Tatarczuk – Game Artist
Evan Burrill – Game Artist
Cory Livingston – Game Designer/QA Tester
Thomas Triplet – Game Designer/QA Tester
Steve Beaulieu – Game Programmer
Alison Seffels – Game Designer/Producer/Designer/QA
Eric Nardo – Game Artist
Corey Moore – QA Tester