By Christopher

Broken Crown Games

Getting my feet wet with indie development by working with Broken Crown Studios.

You can meet the team at these con’s:

– MegaCon March 15-17th Orlando, FL
– PAX East March 22-24th Boston, MA
– GDC ’13 March 25-29th San Francisco, CA
– National Space Symposium April 8-11th Colorado Springs, CO
– TooManyGames June 14-16th Philadelphia, PA

Also, please take the time to visit EverythingAction and check out some reviews, tweets, our weekly podcast and monthly movie commentary.

Projects Updated

For the past months, I have been practicing old material and new, creating hybrid projects.
In a future update, I’ll upload some of the practice programs I have created to get motivated to my bigger side projects.

But in the meantime, I’m still tweaking my site and getting my lazy butt to write some more articles/reviews of stuff for EverythingAction

End of College, Beginning of Career Work

So, farewell to Champlain College with my degree in Game Programming. Now its on to the main stage.

-Been studying a few books to beef up my computer languages (Flash, C#, basic web design)

-Looking to remodel the website again to allow easier viewing of my previous works and current projects

-Planning to make a game based on a short order cook I had the honor of receiving buffalo chicken sandwich’s from, yeah this one needs more explanations….


Final’s Week

For my game physic’s final at Champlain College, I’ve dabbled into various physics engines

My top choices to flex my knowledge of the Bullet Physics Engine are (Note* There is no specific order):

1)GameStart3D -Bullet is already the base physic engine, so its up me to learn its own coding/scripting language, “Squirrel”. See for yourself at:

2) Ogre3D (OgreBullet) – Ogre3D is a open source graphic engine that allows for integration with various physic engines to create a stable game engine that is up to the user to define. However, the set up process is confusing when you are under a time constant. But its all programmed in basic C++, so no language barrier! See for yourself at:

3)Irrlicht Engine – Another open source 3D graphic engine, however, it’s been in development for awhile now, and has well documented tutorials. By far the easiest to pick up and learn, and has some examples already to show how to set up the different engines into one. See for yourself at:

4)OpenGl + Bullet – One of the hardest methods to show off physics based on the time constant I have. This uses both the open libraries of the Open GL capabilities of a computer’s basic rendering usage and Bullet’s simple collision library’s. I would just have to create EVERYTHING in terms of graphics and a virtual space. If anything, I can show off how Bullet can work directly with Open GL since the engines mention above already handle this process (And then more since they can be used with DirectX).

With the four paths to take, I can choose parts of one and then show off the parts of others. Time will time. I’ll try to post things when I can breathe easy.

Here’s the link to Bullet:

New Logo Design

Made a quick update to my header, but I am almost ready to upload some more details about current and previous projects.

Currently Carnero is reaching Alpha phase of production and the trailer is being created.

Fast approaching graduation!