Butch is a 2D side-scolling, action-adventure game.

  • Game Engine: Flash (Pending XNA development)
  • Platform: PC/Mac, and devices that can use Flash
  • Programming Language: ActionScript-Flash, FlashPunk
  • Additional Support: FlashPunk
  • # of Players: 1
  • Genre: 2D action-adventure, platformer

Christopher Cheng – Designer/Programmer/QA/Art

The goal of Butch! is to help a┬áhead fry cook Butch to grill in the largest BBQ challenge tournament. This event is issued the greatest and crazy chief’s, cooks, competitive eaters. To prepare for this event, Butch has to hunt down and gather cooking supplies (Sauces, Rubs, Plates, Curtly, Tin-Foil, various Meat chunks, etc). Butch is driven to get his supplies; driven to the point of madness some say. However, there are forces that will try to prevent Butch from succeeding; Rival Cooks; Dairy Farmers; Vegans (Super-Vegans); animal activist; Salad Salesmen and Kale Spokesmen. Butch will fight and cook his way through these forces (and more!) to reach his goal!

Butch’s Arsenal
Sauces & Rubs: Needed to make meat taste better. Sauces will effect enemies differently and Rubs will enhance Butch’s powers.
Curtly & Tin-Foil: Tools to attack and capture animals (MEAT). Various curtly will aid Butch in his actions and open new opportunities/openings in his enemies and his surrounds.

Rival Cooks – Cooks that will try dirty tactics to defeat Butch
Dairy Farmers- Will prevent Butch from messing with their livestock
Vegans- Are against Butch’s passion for cooking and eating meat.
Super-Vegans- Have unlocked their mind and are empowered with mystical force.
Animal activist- Are trying to protect the animal’s rights.
Salad Salesmen- With a brief case filled with Salad and a hatred of Butch’s all meat goals.
Kale Spokesmen- With the versatile of Kale, these Spokesmen are looking to reduce and eliminate the consumption of meat and grilling.

Author’s Note:
Butch! is an experimental project I started in the summer to test my skills in Flash, then see if I can port it to C# (In XNA Game studio). I have created the very basic skeleton of the game with a mixture of flash files I had created while taking a class. With the addition of FlashPunk, a free open source engine that eliminates some of the┬áminimal grunt files that is needed to start a game off on its feet. Being a one person development team I could use any help I could find; programmer art ain’t pretty also!

*Butch! is a game that was inspired by an actual person I met during college, and had a major influence in how I enjoyed the food at my college’s dinning hall. Also, Kale does not BBQ well.

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